While unrelated, all three texts do have something in common as they are all postmodern, Top Gun having been written in 1986, while the subcultures and football stadiums are contemporary examples.

Contemporary subcultures differ from past subcultures like Mods and Rockers and Punks in their flexibility, everyone has their own interpretation of indie and club culture in a way that Skinheads, punks, Mods and Rockers did not. Social media and online streaming services have completely changed the way music is viewed, each member of these subcultures now have certain bands that they consider part of the culture, that others may not. 

The Top Gun text is discussing a postmodern theory of homosexuality, something that has not always been accepted, however is now a norm within society. Reiterating Medhurst’s (2013, p240) point that Top Gun. alongside Batman and other similar films are important in helping people understand and accept their sexualities.

The research into Postmodern buildings showed that football stadiums are becoming as iconic and important to cities as buildings like the Empire State Building, they are postmodern works of art that show how far the world has come since the tragedies of Ibrox Park, Heysel, Bradford and Hillsborough. They now have a much greater potential for revenue than ever before, containing restaurants, shops and even hotels.


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