This online portfolio will discuss three unrelated topics of interest that look to entertain and enlighten its readers. It is online in keeping with the 21st Century and the wide scale move from magazine’s and hard copies to online blogs and websites.

The first entry will discuss this very issue in relation to contemporary music based subcultures Indie and Club. Part of which speaks about how social media and streaming services have began to replace magazines as a source of information on the latest trends in music.

The second entry is the main text, debating whether there is a hidden meaning to Top Gun. Using Henry Jenkins’ slash fiction theories to discuss as to whether it is actually a film about a pilot struggling with his own sexuality and the media’s influence in this.

The third and final entry will discuss postmodern architecture in relation to football stadiums. Looking at the influence of tragedies such as Hillsborough and the Bradford City Stadium fire on postmodern stadiums, as well as the influence of technology, disability regulations and financial opportunities.


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